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  • Cover Reveal - Beyond the Wail: 12 Grave Tales of Love and Loss

    Remember when I announced that I would be getting a story published in the upcoming paranormal anthology by Xchyler Publishing? Well, the release date is fast approaching! So quickly, in fact, that the title and cover have just been revealed (I'm actually a couple of days late posting this, because I was up in the mountains, WAYYYY out of internet range. *sob*)! Let me show you the title:

    Isn't it fabulously creepy?! I love it! My story is called "The 'Grim' Reaper", and is about...you guessed it! A reaper! Let me give you a tad more info than that, though:

    What would you do if you lost everything? Spiral through the stages of grief? Begin a frantic quest to find it again? In "The 'Grim' Reaper". these very questions arise when a reaper's amulet, which generates the ability to reap souls, is stolen by a Romani witch. With so much at stake, the reaper journeys the world to find it again, meeting up with a bean-sidhe, an oracle, and a druid along the way.

    Because my publisher is so dang cool, they even created a trailer for the cover reveal. Watch it in all its suspenseful drama here:

    Finally, I shall reveal the actual cover:

    It's am amazing thing to see my name attached to such a great project. I am so excited for you to experience the creepy, heart-wrenching, funny stories in this anthology. The release date is set for early October, so keep your eyes and ears peeled! I'll keep posting updates as we go along! *squee*

    Here are links to the cover reveals by some my fellow anthology authors (and other awesome folks):

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